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PHOTOS: Hilarious ‘In-store Ikea product reviews’

A series of photos have bubbled up to the top of the internet food chain, showing “in-store reviews” for Ikea products, and they are hilariously absurd.

The seven photos cover nearly every kind of product Ikea offers including lamps, couches, and a rug that failed to live up to one customer’s magic carpet dreams.

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Some of our favorites include:

“Pro: Long battery life. Con: Reminds me of the constant ever marching momentium of time and how with each passing second I’m careening closer and closer towards the heart wrenching inevitablity of death. – Natalia Z.” – A review of a clock


“Love it! Holds like 80 snakes! – Jeff W.” – A review of a plastic container

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And… Jeff W, again.

‘Works great for organizing my different sized snakes. If you have different sized snakes then I highly recommend – Jeff W.” – A review of a utensil organizer.

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