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PHOTOS: In NYPD drill, terrorists ‘killed’ but bystanders ‘die’ too

A counterterrorism training drill in lower Manhattan on Sunday showed that the NYPD can take out terrorists, but innocent bystanders needing medical attention might be neglected.

The training drill, staged by the NYPD in the wake of the Paris and Mali terror attacks, ended badly for the fake terrorists, but at the cost of nearly three dozen people playing innocent bystanders, the Daily News reported, adding that those 30 “died” and another dozen suffered simulated serious injuries.

“The Fire Department is gloating, saying, ‘We’re ready for it, and we can handle everything,’ but they really aren’t,” said a frustrated EMT who was quoted by the New York Post in a related article. “Our radios do not work underground. … If there’s an attack, we’re all screwed.”

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Whereas the NYPD and FDNY have updated radio communication systems, the city’s EMTs still resort to having one paramedic run back and forth between the patient being treated underground and the subway exit to communicate, the Post reported.

“When they do their drills, it’s all well and good, but God forbid there’s a real emergency, there is no communication,” an EMT source said in the Post article.

During the drill, officers used sound monitors and GoPro-like cameras to send feeds to other participants, the Daily News added, stating that several actors covered in fake blood were dragged out of the station onto the street in yellow sleds by the FDNY.

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FDNY spokesman Jim Long told The Post on Sunday, “We are addressing the current inability for EMS units to speak with [dispatch],” adding, “We are two-thirds of the way done.”

“This was an impressive display of the capacity of this city to respond to an incident,” Mayor de Blasio said to the Daily News. “This is why this city is so fundamentally prepared for any situation.”

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