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PHOTOS: Justin Trudeau looks just like this 29-year-old singer from Afghanistan

Justin Trudeau has a doppelgänger
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Justin Trudeau has a doppelganger and he’s a singer from Afghanistan.

Abdul Salam Maftoon is a contestant on the singing competition show Afghan Star. While his music abilities have sent him into the later rounds of the competition, it his uncanny resemblance to Prime Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that has caused him to go viral.

According to Maftoon, people call him Justin Trudeau now.    “People have forgotten my name and now they just call me ‘Justin Trudeau,’” Maftoon told AFP.  “I didn’t know anything about Justin Trudeau until I saw the photos on social media.”

A judge on the show pointed out the shocking comparison during one of his performances and added that it could help his chances of winning the competition

“There is a big chance of him winning the show because … he is the only contestant that has got so much exposure,” show judge Qais Ulfat told Reuters.

Abdul Salam Maftoon on Afghan Star

Who is Abdul Salam Maftoon?

Abdul Salam Maftoon is a 29-year-old wedding singer from Badakhshan, a northeastern province in Afghanistan. He is a contestant on Afghan Star, a talent show that is similar to The X Factor and American Idol.

Justin Trudeau Abdul Salam Maftoon side-by-side comparison

And if you still have a hard time seeing how much Justin Trudeau and Abdul Salam Maftoon resemble each other, check out this interactive comparison of the Canadian prime minister and the wedding singer from Afghanistan.


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