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PHOTOS: New design for WTC 2 revealed

The new design for the final WTC tower, has been released and it’s strikingly different from its sisters.

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In an extensive piece published by Wired on Tuesday, the new Bjarke Ingels designed tower is described as having a dual nature. The tower can look both “madcap” and “serious” depending on from which angle you look at it.

“From the World Trade Center’s Memorial Plaza, the new building will appear slender and serious. But from other perspectives, like the one looking south from the fashionable neighborhood of Tribeca —where Ingels lives and where we were having breakfast — the stepped tower will present a more madcap personality: Ingels’ 21st-century reinterpretation of one of Manhattan’s Jazz Age ziggurats.”

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The new design features a series of cubed sections stacked on top of each other which will give the building a unique silhouette and terraces.

The new vision of the tower will replace the previous Norman Foster-designed bouquet of diamond-shaped towers, which had seen delays in construction due to conflicts with design and leasing.

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News Corp and 21st Century Fox have both signed a “tentative lease deal.”

An official press release confirms that the new design is “aligned along the axis of World Trade Center Master Planner Daniel Libeskind’s ‘Wedge of Light’ plaza to preserve the views to St. Paul’s Chapel from the Memorial Park.”

The new tower has a projected completion date of September 2021.

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