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PHOTOS: Self-taught makeup artist creates ghoulish Halloween looks

This woman’s face is sure to give you a fright. But don’t worry: Emma Hedman’s self-made horror show is down to nothing more than makeup.

The 28-year-old new mother, who learned all her beauty tips and tricks via YouTube makeup artist Mykie of Glam & Gore, created the creepy looks as part of the #100daysofmakeup Instagram challenge.

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The Swedish personal trainer and health coach curates the Instagram account @newbiemakeup, where she depicts her devilish delights, like the ghoulish face of a mentally disturbed doll, bloody-mouthed zombie and severed head. It’s certainly one way to get your freak on and, as the self-taught makeup maestro explains, a creative way of spending maternity leave.

How did you start doing such incredible makeup looks?

It all started about six months ago when I was Googling around for different hair colors and found Mykie of Glam & Gore on YouTube. I watched a video and thought she was such a sweetheart. She mentioned something about a challenge called #100daysofmakeup, and how much you can learn from it. I chose the name ‘newbiemakeup’ because that was exactly what I was… a makeup newbie, even though I had basic knowledge of it, so I started a new Instagram account to take the challenge. I did something every day when my daughter was asleep. I didn’t do much else during those 100 days, because taking care of a baby is a full-time job. Makeup quickly became a perfect way for me to spend my alone time. After the challenge I had no plans on quitting; I had found a wonderful way of expressing my creativity and I needed to keep doing it. I got more and more ideas, and I really started to find my own ‘style’. Even though it has only been six months, I know that this makeup artistry is going to be a part of my life forever.

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What makeup will you wear for this Halloween?

I actually haven’t decided yet. I’ll probably just be home with my family, I won’t do anything too creepy – I try to keep my daughter from seeing the really scary makeup looks.

What products do you use?

Most of the products I use are from Kryolan, a brand that makes professional makeup and has a lot of different kinds of products to choose from. There is a place called Smink & Perukmakarn here in Stockholm, which do professional makeup and it really helped me find the right products for me. I particularly love their UV/dayglow liquid aquapaints! However, I haven’t tried much else. I have a few water makeup products from Grimas that I love and beauty makeup from Anastasia Beverly Hills. All the other products that I use are high-street ones from before I started this makeup journey.

Do you want to make it a career out of it?

I do want to make this a career, I just don’t know how yet. I would love to have my own little art studio, working with models and creating beautiful (or horrible) things. I want to play with imagination and color, learn all kinds of techniques, come up with new ones, etc. Yes, that would be the dream as of now.

Emma’s Halloween tutorial

“This is a quick and easy Halloween look that can be achieved with very little effort, in the last minute, or in the bathroom of a Halloween party. I used a black liquid liner (a normal black eye pencil works well, too) from H&M and a red lip pencil from Max Factor.”

1. This look is perfect to apply on top of your regular party makeup.

2. Draw lines around your lips, from the corners of your mouth to the outside of your chin, straight through your eye and over your throat. These lines can be straight, crooked, zigzagged, curved and they can also be placed differently – it’s up to you!

3. Use the lip pencil to fill in along the lower part of the line (think blood and gravity).

4. Add stitches along the lines, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a creepy stitched person makeup look, done with only a black liner and a red lip pencil!

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