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PHOTOS: Summer 2011 in bikini pictures

With summer 2011 slowly drawing to a close, we thought we’d look back on that timeless summer tradition: Bikini pictures!

No, we’re not proud of it either. But sometimes you need to turn your brain off and fill your head with images of fun in the sun. Let’s get to it!

(Note: These are all pictures of women, but don’t worry: If enough people request, we could try and do a photo gallery of dudes in swimsuits!)

Summer started on a high note, as topless photos of Metro’s shameless crush Pippa Middleton emerged. This was our most popular story for days and we weren’t even embarrassed.

Aubrey O’Day shows off her impressive … physique at Liquid Pool Lounge.

Heidi Montag might not have a job or any career prospects, but she still knows how to have fun.

Adult actress and former Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James gets classy for July 4.

“Real Housewife” Gretchen Rossi was also in a patriotic mood for the Fourth.

One of the perks of being a former Spice Girl is they let you play golf in your swimsuit, as Geri Halliwell learns here.

We don’t know who this bikini model is, but we love the dude in the background.

Competitors at the 4th of July Muscle Beach Competition in Venice Beach, California.

Two young women, both of whom we will need to have a serious discussion with, at the Redneck Games.

Actress Helena Christensen alongside awesomely named child Mingus Lucien Reedus in Italy.

Whichever rich dude whose yacht Kelly Brook is on must have one hell of a sense of humor!

If how good Kate Upton looks here makes you feel bad about your own self, just remember that looking good in a bikini is literally her job.

Rihanna looks happier than anyone in Atlantic City has any right to be, performing at the Borgata.

Ashley Tisdale fits right in at this delightful mock-Roman environment.

Adrienne Curry celebrates her birthday by posing precariously on the edge of a pool.

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