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Photos taken by drones are honored in ‘Dronestagram’ competition

eagle drone photography dronestagram The overall winner of the Dronestagram competition (dedicated to drone photography) is this amazing view of an eagle soaring high above Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia. Credit: Capungaero

Remote-controlled drones are not just good at spying on your neighbors, but also take stunning images, which now form a new genre in aerial photography. Social network Dronestagram and National Geographic have teamed up to announce the winners of the first ever competition dedicated to drone photography.

The 2nd place prize went to Jericsaniel’s “dronie” (a selfie taken by a camera-mounteddrone) in Manila, Philippines.

selfie, dronie, dronestagram, Credit: Jericsa Nei/Dronestagram

Site founder’s viewpoint

“Drone photography depicts a new vision of the world. It provides a new ‘layer’ between ground photography and satellite or airplane imagery,” says Eric Dupin, blogger and founder of the Dronestagram website.

Third place honors was won by Drone Capture System’s pic of the sun setting over the town of Annecy in south-eastern France.

DRONE-CS/DRONESTAGRAM Credit: Drone-CS/Dronestagram

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