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PHOTOS: The Fat Jew hosts ‘Dad Bod’ fashion show

Infamous Instragram star The Fat Jew held his own fashion show on Wednesday that reportedly featured not only the inglorious garb of the modern day father (think BBQ aprons, tank-tops, and ill-fitting pants), but models hired through Craigslist as well.

“Craigslist is actually underrated,” The Fat Jew, whose real name is Josh Ostrovsky told The New York Post. “You would think it’s mostly for flat-screen TVs and love seats, but also dads. You can find a lot of chill dads on Craigslist.”

The show was at partly set to the tune of “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen.

The point of the show?

The Fat Jew told the Post, “[Fashion Week] is for beautiful gay men, ­6-foot-1, with high, sharp cheekbones from countries I’ve never been to . . . There hasn’t been a space for normal regular guys named Jeff who want to wear cargo shorts.”

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