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PHOTOS: Village People take over the Hamptons for Sir Ivan’s Royal Tea Dance 2015

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There was no tea at Sir Ivan’s Royal Tea Dance. But this is the Hamptons — guests don’t come to a party at a castle and expect an English affair.

This year’s gala thrown by Sir Ivan, a professional eccentric millionaire, celebrated his new single “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye.” It’s got all the requisite thumps and autotuning of a modern dance song, the lyrics had more in common with the back catalog of the evening’s theme: The Village People (chosen because they best symbolize the party’s themes of diversity, acceptance and love).

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Indeed, actual Village Person Randy Jones (the cowboy) put in an appearance Saturday night at Sir Ivan’s mansion in Watermill, but if DJ Sin Morera played any of their hits it was after the buses left with most of the party around midnight.

In addition to bringing tolerance to the dance floor, Sir Ivan’s Peaceman Foundation also donated $100,000 to organizations that fight bullying and promote gay rights as part of the event.

Other than the glamorous people-watching (Village People-themed attire was mandatory), the Tea Dance was a surprisingly tame affair. We didn’t see evidence of a sex dungeon at the home of the self-proclaimed “Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons.” There were star-shaped ottomans on the lawn, professional dancers (but no dance floor for the rest of the amateurs) and brief glimpses of the castle’s corridors and rooms.

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Overall, the Tea Dance turned out to be the kind of party that would earnestly play “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye.” Still, a surreal night was had by all, blurred at the edges by sparkling rose, vodka and the summer’s hottest accessory: body paint.

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