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PHOTOS: Wildlife photographer Ingo Arndt captures stunning images of coastal bears

photography, bears, close-up, books Ingo Arndt Ingo Arndt used a camera mounted on a remote controlled car to capture this amazing close-up of a bear. Credit: Ingo Arndt / Ingoarndt.com

Grizzly bears may look cute and cuddly, but they can also pull off a wicked death scare. The many personalities of the brown bear (Ursus arctos) have been captured by award-winning wildlife photographer Ingo Arndt, who traveled to the remote Lake Clark National Park in Alaska to document the majestic beast.

Metro catches up with Ingo to learn about how he captures these stunning images.

What were these great animals like to encounter?

These coastal brown bears are the biggest brown bears you can find. Old males can weigh more than 1600 lbs. They are aware of humans because most of the very few visitors to the national park travel to the beach specially to see them. If you keep a safe distance, say 100 feet, you won’t disturb them and they won’t be aggressive.

You got an up-close-and-personal snap of the bear.

Yes, but actually I used a robo-camera vehicle, a camera mounted onto a remote-controlled buggy. I always keep a safe distance when I take pictures of dangerous animals. They are very curious creatures so one of them came close to investigate the robo-camera. This female coastal brown bear still had her very wooly winter coat. The weather was just perfect for the photo: warm light on the bear’s head, nice clouds and a blue sky. She really looks both fearsome and affectionate.

What did you learn about these animals?

Brown bears are intelligent and have unbelievably sensitive instincts, something that we lost a long time ago. The females are very good mothers who always fight for their cubs. I also learned that they need a lot of space to roam. I hope we as humans can respect this and leave them the wilderness they need.