Europe’s first underwater museum, dubbed “Museo Atlantico,” opened off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Spain on Jan. 10. Its creator, British Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, has installed more than 300 life-size human statues at the depth of 46 feet.

1. The Human Gyre

Over 200 life-size human figures have been arranged in a circle to create the ‘Human Gyre.’ Installation consists of various models of all ages. The positioning of the figures constructs a complex reef formation for marine species to inhabit. The artwork was made to remind humans that we have evolved from marine life, and are all subjects to the movements and will of the ocean.

2. Portal


This installation depicts a hybrid animal/human sculpture looking into a large square mirror, which reflects the moving surface of the ocean. Forming part of the underwater botanical garden, the concept is intended to portray water within water, an interface or looking glass into another blue world.

3. Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon consists of a group of 35 figures walking towards an underwater wall, a boundary between two realities and a portal to the Atlantic Ocean. The wall is intended to be a monument to absurdity, a dysfunctional barrier in the middle of a vast fluid, three-dimensional space, which can be bypassed in any direction. It emphasises that the notions of ownership and territories are irrelevant to the natural world.

4. Deregulated

Deregulated consists of a children’s playground enjoyed by suited businessmen. A swing, a sea-saw and play dolphin ride demonstrate the insouciance and arrogance of the corporate world towards the natural one. The sea-saw references a petroleum extraction pump, a comment on control of these fossil fuels and their unregulated use.

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