More than 16 years after terrorists crashed a commercial jet into the Pentagonon Sept. 11, 2001, the FBI has rereleased a batch of photographs depicting the massive devastation from the attack and the first responders' efforts to search through the debris.


Twenty-seven photos, among them 10 of the most chilling images pictured here, have been available to the public since 2011. According to media reports, there was a glitch on the FBI's Vault website that blocked access to them as early as December 2016.


Last week, the federal agency rereleasedthe photos to the public.


The American Airlines flight smashed into the Pentagon walls, killing 184 people, at the Department of Defense headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia. It was one of four planes hijacked by al Qaeda operatives that day, marking the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil. By the time the Pentagon had been hit, two other planes had already flown into the twin towers in New York City. The fourth plane crash-landed in a Pennsylvania field.