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Picking up the poop

It took several hours and dozens of volunteers but the annual Scoopy Doo Day was a success, according to organizers.

While most people don’t find picking up dog poop fun, many came out and enjoyed themselves, Deb Taylor of Bylaw Services said.

“It was a great time and it was great to see all the volunteers come out and help make the parks cleaner and safer for everyone,” Taylor said. “It also raises awareness and education for people,” she added.

Volunteer co-ordinator for natural areas Sonia Gonsalves said 60 people showed up at Tom Campbell’s Hill to clean up but she didn’t have numbers for the other eight parks.

“We had dog owners and also regular users of the park. The community cares about their parks and want to help give back by cleaning up,” she said.

“I just think it’s a good reminder to people to clean up after their dogs and carry bags with them.”
The fine for not cleaning up after your dog is $250.

Martha Kelling thinks it’s good that volunteers are coming out regularly to clean up but wishes some people would be more responsible.

“I don’t know why people can’t clean up as it happens. We wouldn’t need days like this,” she said.

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