Pickle juice slushes are coming to Sonic – Metro US

Pickle juice slushes are coming to Sonic

Pickle juice slush drink coming to Sonic

A  pickle juice drink in the form of a slush is coming to Sonic just in time for the summer.

Sonic Drive-in the popular fast-food chain has announced they are rolling out a pickle juice slush nationwide in June.

Food & Wine reports the new drink is “surprisingly delicious” and it compliments other food items Sonic has on their menu such as burgers and fries. “Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about,” Food & Wine’s Maria Yagoda writes.

If you’re a superfan of pickles,  Sonic will also let you add the syrup used to make the pickle juice drink to other items on the menu, according to Food & Wine. So that means you can ask for a side of pickle syrup and use it as a dipping sauce if that’s what you’re into.

pickle juice slush coming to sonic

Twitter reacts to Sonic’s pickle juice slush

A few people on Twitter expressed their thoughts about the new slush drink coming to Sonic.


If the idea of Sonic’s new sweet and tangy beverage has you excited, you’ll be happy to know Sonic has plans to roll it out in June just before summer. 

Sonic might be onto something. There here are many people who already enjoy pickleback shots (a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice), so perhaps you could show off your mixology skills turn your pickle juice slush into a refreshing adult beverage if you dare.