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Pie-through proves popular

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And if you’re a new business with a drive-through window, use it.

And that’s how the city’s most unique pie shop, Log Barn 1912, located right on 16th Avenue and 15 Street NW was born.

Owner Kimberly Clarke decided to use the existing drive-through window when she opened her B.C.-originated pie shop at the end of 2009 and the decision has proven fruitful for her as the drive-through shop has been a hit with Calgarians.

“People love it; it’s been very popular. Sometimes people will come inside and then go out to use the drive-through, and sometimes they will go through the drive-through and come in after to see the interior décor,” Clarke said.

“We just wanted to bring some rural to the city,” Clarke said.

The Log Barn is known in B.C. for its variety of fruit and meat pies and both have been just as popular in Calgary, as many local food bloggers would attest to.

Michelle Tran says her two children are huge fans of the pie shop.

“They just think it’s awesome. We try to come once a month, so we have been here a few times and they always want to use the window,” she said.