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Pig Island: Going whole hog

Governor’s Island is transformed into Pig Island this Saturday, a magical place where the culinary ideals of sustainability and the locavore movement meet 80 hogs — which in turn meet the plates of very happy, hungry pork-lovers.

“I don’t think of the pig as just chops, I think of the whole animal,” says Pig Island founder and Jimmy’s No. 43 proprietor Jimmy Carbone. “That’s a challenge for the chefs.” Here’s how they’re tackling the main attraction.

Head: Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo will be preparing Pig Head Tacos.

Ear: Cathy Erway will make Pig Ear in a Pork Aspic.

Shoulder: Mary Cleaver of The Cleaver Co. will make Hudson Valley Carnitas (pork shoulder).

Loin: Trine Hahnemann, a Danish guest chef, and Neuman Catering NYC will make Pork Roast Loin with relish.

Leg: King Phojanakong of Umi Nom and Kuma Inn will be making Braised Pork (leg) Adobo over rice.

Skin: Nate Courtland of iCi will prepare Shredded Pork Salad with Escarole, Pickled Hot Peppers and Chicharron (pork skin).

Feet: Stefan Ching and Stephen Yen of The Clerkenwell will be making Chinese-style Braised Pork Trotters.

Belly: Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez of Print will make Maple Bacon Sticky Buns.

Butt: Joe Dobias of JoeDoe will make the JoseDoe Cubano from roasted pork butt and homemade pickles.

Bones: Chris Rendell and Ryan Butler of Mary Queen of Scots will prepare Pork Bone Soup.

What the Pig Ate: Jimmy’s No. 43 will have locally grown grilled corn.

Blood: Danny Mena of Hecho en Dumbo will prepare a Mexican-style Blood Sausage.

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