Pit bull attacks 11-year-old boy - Metro US

Pit bull attacks 11-year-old boy

An 11-year-old boy was recovering in hospital yesterday after being mauled by a pit bull at an elementary school playground in Surrey.

“It’s pretty bad,” said Manjit Bajwa, whose son Sean was in surgery for three hours and received almost 100 stitches to close deep dog bites to his arms, cheek and right leg.

“He’s still in shock. He’s not totally responding, but he’s OK at present.”

Sean was playing with friends Sunday afternoon outside Cedar Hills elementary school when he was charged at by a pair of pit bulls with no leashes or tags, Bajwa said.

Bajwa said his son tried to run from the dogs, but tripped and fell down.

“He managed to save himself,” Bajwa said. “His face was on the ground and he was fighting back with his arms and leg.”

Lorie Chortyk, communications director for B.C. SPCA, said the dogs were accidentally let out by their owner’s roommate. Only one of the dogs attacked the boy, she added.

The dogs were captured and turned over to the Surrey SPCA. The organization will hold the dogs until its investigation is complete.


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