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Place your bets! Gambling site has odds on Caitlin Jenner, Kid Rock politics

Kid Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for president. Kanye for president. Kid Rock for Michigan Senate. Caitlyn Jenner for California Senate. Rumors are swirling like a cat flushing a toilet about celebrities who have toyed with the notion of running for political office.


Kid Rock has his own political website and right-leaning Jenner has tossed out some hints at her possible run for senator. Will they actually go for it? Would you bet on it?

Because you can and gambling website BetOnline.ag has the odds.

According to BetOnline.ag’s Sportsbook Brand Manager Dave Mason, the odds makers read up and make educated guesses at potential outcomes. While it’s more common to bet on sporting events or pop culture, “one of our odds guys is really good with politics,” Mason told us.

Mason called Kid Rock’s odds of running a “coin flip” when we spoke to him last week. The yeses have a slight favor.

Yes -125

No -105

The action on Jenner is a little more exciting with about 80 percent saying she won’t run.

Yes +350

No -500

If those numbers make you say “huh?” like we did, Mason broke it down for us.

Let’s say you want to bet on yes for Kid Rock and win 100 smackaroos. Since the odds are -125, you need to put down $125 (more than you’d win), for the chance. If you win, you’d, of course, get the $125 you put in plus the $100 profit you’d pocket.

If you’re pretty sure Kid Rock is all talk, you’d need to risk $105 (since the odds are -105) to make your $100 win.

Mason said with Jenner, there is a clear-cut underdog. The odds of her running are +350, which means you’d only risk $100 to make a profit of $350 ($450 total in your pocket).

If you don’t believe the former Olympian is for realsies ready to run, you’d have to risk $500 (odds -500) in order to win $100.

Check out the current odds on BetOnline.ag. As rumors continue to rumble and tweets continue to tease, the odds can and will be adjusted.

If this action doesn’t interest you, it’s never too early to start considering 2020.

When gambling, make sure you’re aware of any laws in your state regarding online betting.

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