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Place your bets on the Stelmach cabinet shuffle pool

Provincial political poolies rejoice!

With a Stelmach cabinet shuffle rumoured early in the New Year, Calgary marketing exec and political wonk, Sean Libin, has decided to have a little fun with it, while engaging other politically charged Albertans in a little harmless fun.

Libin, vice-president of marketing for Stride Management Corp., hopes to score with an online pool dedicated to its entrants predicting the outcome of the cabinet shuffle.

“There’s a lot of policy wonks and a lot people who are interested in politics who are talking about this around the water cooler,” said Libin.

“This just gives people an outlet to have some fun and create some water cooler discussion and allow people to be a little more invested in the process.”

And while Libin was going to enter his picks for the expected early January shuffle, he preferred not to taint the pool’s integrity.

“I can say I think it’ll be more than two portfolios changing,” Libin said. “I think you’ll see some (current) ministers relegated to the back benches as well.”

Via Twitter, @seanlibin indicated he was looking into proper licensing on Tuesday.

Entry fee is $21. To enter, visit cabinetshufflepool.com.

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