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Plaid up top, neutrals below

Minimal on the check colours and very casual, spring’s plaid shirts are a definite staple.

Lightly distressed, faded and wrinkled are how these plaids are being bought and worn.

If you’re looking for a layering piece to go on top, style the plaid button up with a polished plain blazer, cardigan sweater or a waist coat. A simple dark jean will do with this plaid style; anything lighter may look a little too lumberjack.

Shoe Trend
Take a walk on the not-so-wild side with classic canvas shoes, leather moccasins and suede high tops.

This spring, men’s shoes are seen in neutral tones and as low profile slip-ons.

It’s all in the details with these natual hues so look for the extras like different coloured insoles and mixed fabrics. These shoes will look great with lighter linens, shorts, khakis and jeans.

Style advice: As the season gets a little warmer nix the socks, cuff up your pants and show off your shoes.

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Ask Kim
Q. I have two things in mind that I want to give my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day — a ring and a necklace, which one should I get her?

A. Go for the necklace, a ring seems a little too serious for a Valentine’s Day present. The Tiffany Keys Collection at Tiffany & Co. is an elegantly designed collection that any girl would love to have. If you’re looking for other classic designs check out the adorable antique seal inspired necklaces at www.pyrrha.com.

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– Vancouver’s Kim Elbo has a passion for fashion. Here she shares the latest style tips.

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