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Plan ahead as Games wind down

I have to say that a couple weeks ago, I was wishing I was one of those people who decided to flee to the tropics over the Olympic period. But now I feel sorry for those who did.

To miss out on the way our city has been shining and not experience that Olympic spirit would have been a huge loss. We’ll just have to try to relay to our tanned family members and friends the unbelievable feeling of pride and happiness those of us who stuck around felt with the stories and pictures of the past 13 days.

This week is going to be pretty crazy with men’s and women’s hockey and curling quarter- and semifinals, and the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

So many people are going to be cramming themselves into the downtown core to take in every last second of Olympic festivities and events. Plan far ahead of time and pre-buy your transit tickets for your ride home.

Allow yourself a lot of extra time. Don’t arrive at your desired pavilion or restaurant and expect a seat, or even to be able to get in. Have a solid Plan B ready to go.

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