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#PlaneBreakUp: Why I refuse to believe it’s real

#PlaneBreakUp: Why I refuse to believe it’s real

The internet is going bats — over a couple’s very public breakup on a delayed plane that was live-tweeted by a nearby passenger.

Metro is calling shenanigans.

In case you need a recap, Twitter user Kelly Keegan was on a delayed flight when two passengers beside her broke up, made a scene, and then proceed to get drunk and make out.

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Hilarious right? Almost too hilarious and too good to be true.

Keegan tweeted out images of the couple breaking up, however both of their faces are facing away from the camera. What about a video though? In the days of internet hoaxes we can’t believe anything without some solid video proof (even those videos though are speculative).

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In addition to all of this, Keegan never tweeted out video or photo proof of the most salacious moments. Where’s the proof that this couple made out? Where’s the proof that this couple proceeded to get exorbitantly drunk?

Then there is the one of the strangest details: The first picture taken by Keegan at 4:57 PM shows a bright blue sky behind the supposedly broken up with woman. At 5:27, a mere half hour later, the sky is completely dark outside.

How is this possible? The sun sets in most of the continental United states around 7 p.m. which is a full hour and a half after the tweet that shows a pitch black window.

Perhaps Keegan wasn’t in the united states, perhaps there was a sudden thunderstorm? We have no idea, but it doesn’t add up.

This entire story brings to mind last year’s Diane In 7A story in which a TV producer claimed to have gotten into a napkin message spat with a frustrated woman on a delayed plane.

That was revealed to be a hoax.

The similarities between these two stories– the delayed flight, the rowdy customer, the hilarious live tweeting, the scant evidence– put these two stories in the same category of “Fake things on the internet.”

Look, it’s also possible that there was actually a couple who did get into a very public flight on a delayed plane. It’s very possible that Keegan is a reliable narrator and that all of this is true. However, Keegan’s solitary twitter testimony simply isn’t enough to prove that it actually happened.

EvenMashable quesions the veracity of this story.

Be vigilant, people of the internet. The web is dark and full of horrors.

Metro has reached out to Kelly Keegan for comment. We will update you if we hear from her.

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