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Planning a successful proposal

“The proposal is the one thing the guy has any say in … so they want to do it right.”

I’m at the stage of life where keg parties have quickly been replaced by wedding parties. I’m beginning to recognize the sly smile and hidden left hand that means one of my girlfriends is waiting for just the right moment to tell me she’s engaged. And once I’ve recovered from my gleeful stupor and have examined her ring, I have to know: How did he propose?

One proposal took place during a weekend getaway to New York City, another happened along the Seine in Paris. Each had its hiccups, but they all had their own romantic flair.

It’s those stories that marriage consultant Michael Bloomberg lives for.

After helping a friend successfully plan his marriage proposal Bloomberg decided two years ago to parlay his creative talent into An Exclusive Engagement. www.anexclusiveengagement.com, a full-service marriage proposal consulting business.

Over several interviews with his clients, Bloom­berg gets to know the woman and then helps set the stage for the perfect proposal, taking care of all the little details along the way such as working with a restaurant or hotel.

“The proposal is the one thing the guy has any say in — because once the wedding planning starts it’s all up to the bride — so they want to do it right,” says Bloomberg, who is based out of Fort Worth, Texas, but says he has clients all over the world.

Admittedly, I’m more a fan of the do-it-yourself method, but Bloomberg says many of the women whose fiancés (and now husbands) have used his services appreciate Bloomberg’s eye for perfection.

He has a 100 per cent success rate and his business has garnered attention from television networks like TLC.

“Oftentimes guys are too close to the situation and under so much pressure to do it right (that it’s just easier to use someone like me),” says Bloomberg, who recently expanded to romance concierge services, through which he works with clients to create special celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

This man of romance has helped put together wedding proposals everywhere from New York City’s Tiffany & Co.’s to a secluded island in Bora Bora, but adds he can work with any budget.

The proposal should be all about the woman, says Bloomberg. So if she’s not into sports or is really shy, don’t propose at a sporting event.

“Many guys want to do the proposal over food,” adds Bloomberg, but he recommends instead to enjoy the city and do it at a memorable spot to you both.

And if the proposal is done during a weekend getaway or trip abroad, Bloomberg suggests proposing at the beginning of the vacation, so that you can enjoy the trip and your nerves don’t eat away at you.

But Bloomberg’s most vital piece of advice is really quite simple: Make sure she’s going to say “Yes.” From there, everything else will fall into place.


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