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Playing the Field: Carmelo Anthony’s wife Lala tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios, says Garnett?

Kevin Garnett is one of the NBA’s all-time greats when it comes to trash-talk. In fact, as far as a volume trash-talker goes, KG is the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of this here game – the all-time points leader.

He might not be as witty as Larry Bird was when running his mouth or as cold as Michael Jordan was when yapping, but KG never EVER stops hurling insults and F-bombs on the floor.

Yes, some of Garnett’s trash talk rings a bit hollow. Call it garbage time trash. His favorite targets are often “soft” big men from across the pond (like Atlanta’s Zaza Pachulia) and whenever things get a bit too heated he literally back-pedals and raises his arms in the air as if to say, “nothing to see here!”

In fairness, this may ultimately be due Garnett’s hoop IQ. You learn things after being in the league for 17 years. He knows full well what even the slightest amount of physical interaction results in in the NBA – you get suspended for an index finger shove, let alone a roundhouse right. (This is the type of thing he has yet to fully teach teammate Rajon Rondo, who at this point is good for a suspension per month.)

Garnett’s vile mouth is a huge national talking point today, of course, after he got under Carmelo Anthony’s skin so bad last night in New York that Anthony ended up waiting outside the Celtics’ team bus, looking for Garnett and likely a fight.

What was said by Garnett to get Anthony so riled up? Apparently this, regarding Anthony’s quasi-celebrity wife Lala:

“Your f***in’ wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

That was according to the Twitter feed of Robert Lattal at Blacksportsonline.com. You can read into that classic line however you want. If it’s true, then Garnett posted the trash talk equivalent of a 100-point game last night at MSG.

Here’s a few clues as to what the line could have meant (NSFW).

Touch my Musburger

Brent Musburger is a dirty old man. He was also a dirty young man at one time (click here to view Brent introducing the world to the great ‘Busty Heart’ at a Celtics game in the 1980s).

Last night he got right to the point as he drooled over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

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