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Playing the Field: Guy with longest golf club breaks record and Keri Hilson is dating Serge Ibaka

Some records are made to NOT be broken – basically because they’re a total waste of time.

Such is the case with Michael Furrh, who broke a new record for longest drive with a long club. Furrh used a 14-foot, 2.5-inch club to power a ball 146 yards. Of course the YouTube video below doesn’t show where the ball ended up – so I’ll take Furrh for his word, I guess?

It’s possible that Furrh is simply taking offense to the recent ban that the USGA put in place, which restricts the use of long-putters. Under the new rule, golfers would not be allowed to anchor putters to their body – effectively eliminating the advantage caused by using a long-putter in the first place.

Cheating with larger equipment has always been one of those “does more harm than good” things in sports. For instance, I used to think that wearing larger shoulder pads in football would help my tackling skills. Instead, it weighed down my 160-pound frame (my how things have changed in that department) considerably and proved the fact that I was afraid of contact (don’t play football kids – it hurts!).

Or take hockey – there’s always been that theory discussed between 5th graders in every elementary school cafeteria that hockey teams should just put huge pads on a sumo wrestler and stick him in net. Unfortunately this theory has never been disproved.

Then there’s baseball. If you’ve ever played Wii baseball or (for you old-timers) Nolan Ryan baseball, you realize that a giant sized baseball bat makes much better contact than the broomsticks most virtual hardballers bring to the plate. But try bringing a fat bat up to the plate in real life and you just look silly – no velocity whatsoever.

Never forget – in sports, size does matter.

Keri Hilson loves this game

Singer Keri Hilson is no stranger to the sports world. She once had Shawne Merriman, back when Shawne Merriman was on steroids and a productive NFL player, in her music video “Knock You Down.”

Now Hilson is tackling the NBA world, as she has been seen in Oklahoma City quite a bit lately and is reportedly dating Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka. The two recently celebrated Hilson’s 30th birthday in OKC.

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