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Playing the Field: Lee Corso dances a jig, Tom Izzo is Ironman

Lee Corso’s Gameday picks have become a bit of absurd theater every Saturday morning.

Frankly, they’ve become stupid after once being funny and charming. He puts on a tiger head (or elephant head, or longhorn, and so on) and Kirk Herbstreit yuks it up like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen.

Well the boys were at Notre Dame yesterday as they took on Stanford and since the Irish don’t have a giant mascot head, Lee had to do it a little differently. Specifically, he dressed up like a leprechaun and danced around like a fool.

At least he was right about Notre Dame winning the game. Otherwise, he would’ve looked really stupid.

Midnight Madness fashion show

The NCAA took a lot of the fun out of the annual kick off to college basketball when they allowed teams to start practicing hours before midnight each year. There was something special about the season beginning with a big party at midnight, especially at big-time basketball schools like UConn or Michigan State. It’s just not the same at 7 p.m.

Nonetheless, the Midnight (or whatever b.s. they’re calling it now) Madness began this Friday. And for some reason, it became a dress-up contest for the coaches. I guess it is almost Halloween.

Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon showed up in full Jackie Moon regalia for a pretty cool outdoor tip-off event. Check it out, because it was actually a cool way to spice up the event:

But no one tops Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo’s entrance at their Midnight Madness event. He came in dressed in full Ironman armor. Seriously.

Yeah, talk about elaborate. But I guess when you’ve been to six Final Fours and won a title, you can do pretty much whatever you want at your university. Bonus points go to Izzo’s wife, Lupe, and daughter, Raquel, for looking smoking hot dressed as Black Widow.

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