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Playing the Field: Lolo Jones is a bully and Bobby Valentine crashes his bike

It’s rare that a female athlete plays the role of the bullying jock toward a male. And when that male happens to be Eric LeGrand, the inspirational former Rutgers football player who was paralyzed in 2010, it makes for one awkward story.

That’s the deal for Lolo Jones this morning. Yesterday, LeGrand playfully tweeted to Jones “Want to race me?”

Oblivious to LeGrand’s condition, Jones treated him like just another tough-guy football player and responded, “Get checked for a concussion. Clearly u’ve been hit in the head … Cos u arnt beating a track athlete RT @EricLeGrand52”

Now, we won’t pile on Jones here too much (though that would be fun in the literal sense). She obviously had never heard the LeGrand story. Still, her response to LeGrand’s innocent tweet would be strange even if he wasn’t paralyzed. Over-sensitive much, Lolo?

We get it, you were fast. Not THE fastest, but still fast.

Bobby V’s bad day

At this time tomorrow, it is expected that Bobby Valentine will be a free man. Yes, he will accept his firing as manager of the Boston Red Sox and live the rest of his life hating Fenway Park, forever scarred from the 2012 season.

His last week on the job is, predictably, not going well. Yesterday, Valentine got into an accident while texting and driving … his bike.

Yup, Bobby V. crashed hard in New York Tuesday, perfectly summing up his season as manager of the Sox.

From today’s New York Times:

In the final days of one of the most painful seasons of his career, Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine on Tuesday lay entangled with his bicycle at the bottom of a ditch next to the Central Park Reservoir.

On the wet, slippery path, Valentine was reading a text on his phone from Dustin Pedroia, the Red Sox second baseman, and riding his bicycle. When he looked up, he had to swerve to avoid the umbrellas of two French tourists walking in front of him. The bike skidded, and he lost his balance and went careening head over pedals down the side of the hill by the road.

“I shouldn’t have been reading a text while I was riding, ” he said. “That’s the wrong thing to do. But at least I was wearing my helmet.”

Valentine will be looking to avoid losing his 93rd game of the year tonight when the Red Sox face the Yankees. Because this is likely the final time we’ll get to use it, here’s Bobby V. losing his cool earlier this season (most underrated part, the 2:00 mark where he criticizes the Oakland Coliseum).

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