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Playing the Field: Mitt Romney gets a boost from the sports world and Jay Cutler is a turd

Fact: The majority of NFL owners vote Republican.

Fact: The majority of cowboy-boots wearing, leather jacket donning, receding hairline owning, former NFL QBs vote Republican.

So it’s no surprise that on the same day Jets owner Woody Johnson (a pro-elephant name if there ever was one) and Broncos legend John Elway both endorsed Mitt Romney.

It’s funny, today whenever a sports figure speaks out in the slightest about politics, he is immediately ridiculed and told to shut up by the masses. The next day these same people will bark about how much of a shame it is that today’s athlete delivers nothing but canned quotes.

Muhammad Ali, arguably the most popular athlete of all-time, received a ton a flak for his anti-Vietnam stance. But over the course of time, Ali’s “say-anything-anytime-anywhere” approach was celebrated.

So good for Johnson and Elway. It’s obvious that neither are afraid of public backlash. Johnson even went so far as to say that he would rather have a Romney-Ryan victory than a Jets winning season (looking like that’s in serious jeopardy anyway, so who cares?).

Wait a minute … hold up … it all makes sense now. Tim Tebow was shipped from Elway in Denver to Johnson in New York for one reason and one reason only – to get spread the gospel of Mitt Romney in the media capital of the world. It’s now painfully obvious that Tebow is going to go all Ali on us in the days leading up to the election. With that said, we here at PTF look forward to the opportunity to tell him to shut up.

Jay Cutler embarrasses Mike Tice

You kind of always knew Mike Tice was a pushover didn’t you? I mean, a lot of these recycled coaches obviously have low self-esteem after being canned the first and second times.

It’s painfully obvious that the only appropriate action in response to what Bears QB Jay Cutler does here is a haymaker to the jaw.

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