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Playing the Field: Preacher Tebow, Ozzie Guillen respects Castro

It may not have been the Resurrection, but getting 30,000 people to watch a New York quarterback preach in the heart of Texas might still be a miracle.

If you’re Tim Tebow, it’s no big deal.

The Jets’ new backup delivered an Easter sermon to a packed, outdoor crowd in Georgetown, Texas. And there were plenty of green and white jerseys in the audience. Media weren’t allowed to film the service or take pictures during it, but presumably Tebow was adored. We also imagine he was “very excited” about the Jesus’s resurrection.

“I’m a fan of any pro athlete who stands up for his faith,” said Mike Benaglio, who attended the sermon with his wife. “We’re thrilled to be part of this. It’s not about football. Whatever gets more people over to the cross, I’m in favor of.”

Just a word of advice Tim: Jets fans in New York do not agree. They most definitely care about the football … and wins.

Long live Castro … Literally

Surprise! Ozzie Guillen said something stupid again.

The new Marlins manager has never been afraid to share his opinion. Dumb ones included. He put his foot in his mouth this weekend when he unleashed this doozy about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:

“I respect Fidel Castro,” Guillén told TIME Magazine. “You know why? Many people have tried to kill Fidel Castro in the last 60 years, yet that [SOB] is still there.”

The U.S. Census says the Cuban-American population in Miami, Fla. is 856,007. That’s just under a third of the city’s population. And they all want Castro dead. That’s not exactly the best way to bring Cuban baseball fans to the team’s new stadium. Then again, Guillen has defended the dictator of his own home country, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who not only has a personal relationship with the Castro regime, but is actually being treated for cancer in Cuba right now.

For the record, Guillen has since apologized. That respect was very short-lived apparently.

Jeff Loria sure knows how to pick them. Welcome to Miami, Ozzie.

Blind war veteran throws Pittsburgh first pitch

Take a look at Jeremy Feldbusch, a soldier who lost his sight fighting in Iraq, throw out a great Opening Day pitch at the Pirates-Phillies game last Thursday. The guy is a total badass and he throws like a man.

Need I remind you of the first pitches thrown out by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and NINE-TIME GOLD MEDALIST Carl Lewis:

Let me remind you, neither Lewis nor Mallory are blind.

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