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Playing the Field: Ump tackles streaker, Michael Kay won’t apologize

The celebration of streakers, and general idiots who run on the field during sports events, has always been something that’s eluded me. Forget the safety aspects, it’s just stupid. Why are people interested in seeing some moron run around without any real purpose other than to delay the game?

So let’s the celebrate the real heroes — the hard-working individuals who tackle them and hopefully injure them. This Friday the job fell to home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg when some fool ran on the field at Camden Yards. He said, “Screw waiting for security, I’m laying this fool out!”

It would’ve been even better if Kellogg had given him a few knees to the ribs after tackling him, but still, major props to Kellogg. It does give me an idea though. If pilots are now allowed to carry guns, why can’t umps carry Tasers?

Michael Kay did something right

I’m not generally in the business of praising Yankees announcer Michael Kay. (Except for somehow tricking PIX11’s Jodi Applegate into marrying him.) He’s, well, bad. But when the Yankees played at Texas last week he did something that deserves praise — calling out two fans for ignoring a crying child. Take a look at this video from the absurdly bias Channel 8 in Texas for a little bit of the story:

You wanted to punch the guy who got the foul ball in the face, didn’t you? It actually looks like an “SNL” skit at the point when the guy takes a picture of his (trophy) wife with the foul ball.

Also, the scene with the little kid in his backyard encapsulates everything wrong with local TV. He taps his bat on the mound? What? Has Teresa Woodard never seen a baseball game before? Has no one at the entire station seen a game before?

Thankfully, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman did some solid reporting and found out Kay will NOT be apologizing. Good job, Michael. But I’d like to get a campaign started for Ms. Woodard to apologize to America for pretending to be a reporter.

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