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Playing the Field: Vince Young desperate, the H20 ninja and a goodbye to Alex Karras

Desperation is a stinky cologne, Vince Young.

The former all-everything quarterback is without an NFL team these days and six years after getting $26 million upfront from the Titans, he is broke. That’s not news to many.

What is fresh is that Vince Young has joined other mid-2000s NFL superstars gone desperate, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson, in tweeting out pathetic, “hey, look at me” tweets. You know, as if NFL general managers do most of their scouting on Twitter.

Young took things to another level when he tried to remember the good times by tweeting out this pic of him handing off the ball to Titans running back Chris Johnson.

Then Young asked his followers: “All my supporters and friends what team would you really want me to play for if you had to pick and why???”

Again, like he has a choice in the matter.

Young is, well, young enough where he might get a fourth chance. Owens and Johnson? Not so much.

When asked by one of his followers why he wasn’t following T.O.’s lead by tweeting the Jets for a job Johnson answered:

“I’m not allowed to tweet them… that’s tampering… they know i’m open… Yee yee”

The H20 ninja

Only once in this video does the H20 ninja take on his best friend, soda. That’s just to throw his enemies off the scent.

It’s obvious that water is his natural-born enemy and he will stop at nothing to convert H20 to the dark side (aka the land of high fructose corn syrup).

R.I.P. Alex Karras

Alex Karras was a hit in the NFL, the Monday Night Football booth, as Webster’s dad and, of course, as “Mongo” in Blazing Saddles.

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