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Playing the Field: Webb Simpson honored by squawking man

Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open yesterday, but since you have no idea who that is, the coverage this morning is all about the post-win interview.

It was just a couple weeks ago that we here at Playing the Field wrote about the clown who raced onto the field with Johan Santana to celebrate his no-hitter. But the absurdity that accompanied Bob Costas’s interview with Simpson takes the cake.

Right in the middle of a question, a fan wearing a British flag winter hat stands up in front of Simpson and starts squawking like a bird. Yes, read that sentence again and let it sink in. A man started squawking like a bird.

As far as ad libs go, both Costas and Simpson did a great job. We know why Simpson kept his cool in winning the tournament after dropping, “Enjoy the jail cell, pal.” That definitely goes down in the annals with Bryce Harper‘s “That’s a clown question, bro.”

By the way, that was USGA executive director Mike Davis who yanked the guy off screen Vaudeville-style. I’m not sure why that guy who looks exactly like John Oliver was standing to the left just watching.

Bobby V Can’t Rap

While we’re on the subject of strange noises, I present to you this cell phone video of Red Sox manager/Groucho Marx impersonator Bobby Valentine making strange grunting noises as an amateur (presumably) rapper follows him through the streets of Chicago.

I don’t imagine Valentine knows the man following him, but how awesome would it be in he went everywhere with his own personal rapper? Doesn’t it look like he’s with Valentine? And why is anyone randomly rapping on the street to Bobby V? So confounding. Maybe he thinks it’s Clive Davis.