Burke: Deflategate vacations and the greatness of LeBron and Steph Curry

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady in Hyannis, Massachusetts this past weekend.Getty Images

If it didn’t happen to you in late January, it probably happened to you two weeks ago. Maybe it just hit you today. Just know: “Deflategate fatigue” is an epidemic ’round these parts.


There are still plenty of people around here who do want to fight. They want those who make jokes at the expense of Tom Brady and the Patriots to pay and pay dearly.


For instance, many Pats fans on Twitter the other night were outraged that non-Pats fans were dropping an all-too-easy line about how they needed to check the PSI levels in Tom Brady’s bicycle tires at the Best Buddies Charity Event. Pats fans, of course, jumped on those delivering the mildly amusing crack – pointing out that Brady was raising money for people with intellectual disabilities.


Lighten up, guys. It’s a joke. Tom Brady is going to survive this whole thing, really. He’s gonna be OK.


Mercifully, the next few weeks should be relatively Deflategate free. Brady’s suspension appeal won’t be heard until June 23, so we’ll likely get a well-deserved break from it all.

Of course, if the Red Sox keep playing like poo-poo, every little bit of “new” info (“GOODELL AND KRAFT HAD DINNER LAST NIGHT!!!,” “BELICHICK WALKED BY BRADY AT OTAs AND DIDN’T SMILE AT HIM!!!” “MS. LIPPY’S CAR IS GREEN!!!”) will take up two-to-three days of chatter on The Sports Hub and ’EEI.

It’s tiring just thinking about it.

So please. For the love of all that’s Holy, go Red Sox.

Great NBA debate(s)

It’s hyperbole season in the NBA. The “LeBron is better than Jordan” people are vocal again. And Stephen Curry is being hailed by many (including Celtics boss Danny Ainge, who played with a guy named Larry Bird) as the “greatest shooter of all-time.”

This type of stuff happens each and every year around this time. Last year, when the Spurs were in the Finals, some were making the case that Tim Duncan was a better winner than Bill Russell.

Going back a few years, when the Celtics were in the Finals, some were saying that Paul Pierce was a better scorer than Bird.

It’s the classic “latest and greatest” case of whatever you’ve seen most recently, is “best.”

But this year’s talking points are good ones, worthy of lengthy arguments. I believe, based purely on talent, LeBron James will go down as the greatest of all-time. He’s going to play another eight years or so. Eight years! That’s plenty of time to become the leader in just about every major statistical category on the books and that’s plenty of time grab a few more titles.

As a pure physical specimen, LeBron would barrel over Jordan. He is a physical freak the league has not seen since Wilt Chamberlain.

And as far as Curry being the best shooter of all-time? I’m already sold. All you need to do is watch one, just one, NBA Finals game in the next two weeks from start to finish. The ease in which Curry sinks shots from 20-plus feet out has not been seen before. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime talent.

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