Canadiens fans burn a stuffed Milan Lucic bear Canadiens fans burn a stuffed Milan Lucic bear.

Hockey is the lone thing Montreal sports fans can hang their hats on these days. The Expos left town a decade ago, and regular season curling has yet to catch on as a North American TV ratings juggernaut.

So, this is it for Montreal fans. This Bruins series is their Super Bowl.

Therefore it was no surprise that these (sort of) bilingual Canadiens fans posted a video Thursday, hours ahead of Game 1 of the big semifinals series, of a burning stuffed bear dressed in a mini Milan Lucic jersey.


Here is some of the audio we could understand from the guy that looks and sounds like a French-speaking Ali G … Booyakasha!

“Bruins fans, this is for you bitches!”

“Never f— with the Habs fans, mother-f—er!”

“De Bruins, De Bruins, De Bruins on fire. We don’t need no water let the mother-f—er burn!”

No doubt that that Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three single just dropped North of the border this week.

Unfortunately for our pyromaniac friends here, this is just the second best YouTube video to have surfaced from Montreal Canadiens fans in the past few years. Meet Ray, the Canadian version of Evil Knievel ... and remember to get “dickered” this weekend, regardless of whether you’re a Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart kind of guy:

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