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Craig Sager's son interviews Gregg Popovich in his father's absence

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich delivered some actual responses to Craig Sager Jr., who replaced his dad.

Gregg Popovich is known for his hostile sideline interviews during NBA games. But he took a break from his usual gruff self to give everyone chills when Craig Sager Jr. interviewed the Spurs head coach.

Craig Sager, he of the outlandish blazers, announced last week he has leukemia and will begin treatment immediately. Sager has been doing sideline reports for TNT for 17 seasons now and has many friends in the league.

Count Popovich as one of them after watching the video above.


Popovich delivered some actual responses to Sager Jr., who is not a TV reporter and clearly was nervous, before looking straight into the camera and giving a heartfelt message directly to Sager. It was a nice tribute by TNT made even nicer by Popovich.

Sager actually singled out "Pop" in his statement announcing he would miss the playoffs.

“My favorite time of year — city to city, round by round, 40 games in 40 nights. A dramatic turn has matched me with acute myeloid leukemia,” Sager said. “From the sidelines to being sidelined, 40 veins and 40 electrolytes. Too bad, I had some probing questions for Pop.”

For the record, this is usually how those interviews between Sager and Popovich go during games:

In Popovich's defense, those sideline interviews in the middle of games are incredibly stupid. Why the NBA mandates them I have no idea. But we know Popovich isn't happy.

It was a little disappointing Craig Sager Jr. didn't wear a crazy suit jacket in honor of his father though. But get well soon, Craig.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. Kevin Garnett's "burn it" soliloquy to Sager still remains the best.

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