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Drake disses Jay Z during Nets-Raptors playoff game

It's not exactly Biggie vs. Tupac, but Drake seems to be starting a bit of a feud with Jay Z.


It's not exactly Biggie vs. Tupac, but Drake seems to be starting a bit of a feud with Jay Z.

Drake, who is a Toronto native and a "basketball ambassador" (whatever that means) for the Raptors, took a shot at Jay Z during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals series between Toronto and Brooklyn. Jay Z, of course, used to be a partial owner of the Nets before selling off his very tiny share to open Roc Nation, a sports agency.


In the video above, recorded during Drake's appearance on TSN during the broadcast, the Canadian rapper/actor says Jay Z is "somewhere eating a fondue plate" during the game. Fondue doesn't really come in plate form, but I'll forgive Drake for not knowing much about the 1970s specialty.

The two have been trading shots in the media at each over the past few months. Drake took a shot at Jay Z in a Rolling Stone interview in February saying, "It's like Hov can't drop bars these days without at least four art references. I would love to collect [art] at some point but I think the whole rap/art world is getting kind of corny." Hov would be Jay Z's nickname for the uninitiated.

To be fair to Drake, Mr. Carter did just spend $4.5 million on a painting by Jean-Michal Basquiat, which is A LOT of money.

Jay Z reminded Drake he's from the streets though on his new track "We Made It," rapping "Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk, silly me rapping about shit that I really bought, while these rappers rap about guns they ain't shot, and a bunch of other silly shit that they ain't got." Drizzy would be Drake's nickname for the uninitiated.

In other words, Jay would like you — and specifically Drake — to know he's very rich and used to need to shoot a gun in his days as a drug dealer growing up in Brooklyn.

Oh well, all I really know is the Raptors played like garbage in Game 1 — a game they really needed to win on home court.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. He does not own a Basquiat paintings, but does live a few blocks from where he's buried.

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