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Pornstar Lisa Ann is an unabashed jock-sniffer. And by jock-sniffer, I mean she has sex with a ton of pro athletes.

When the retired Ann appeared on Sirius XM's Mad Dog Radio earlier this week, she dropped something of a barrier-breaking bombshell, explaining that one young member of the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors wants to be her pimp.

“This is the most unique situation I’ve ever been in because this person pretty much said he wants be my Master P, you know -Master Pimp -but you know no exchange of money of course," she said. "He wants to be my resource for anyone I want to meet. He’s fine with sharing me with other people which is just amazing.”

Stephen Curry was ruled out because Ann says she doesn't sleep with married men. FestusEzeli was ruled out because she said that this was a prominent member of the team. Leandro Barbosa was ruled out because she said that this was a young member of the team.


So it's either Draymond Green, Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes. Green follows Ann on Twitter, so most of the pimp speculation immediately shifted to him. But maybe he's just a potential customer and it's Thompson or Barnes who is going to be credited with the assist.

This just goes to show that the 2014-15 Warriors were the ultimate team. No way LeBron's Cavs would have shared the wealth to this extent.

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