Flyers, Rangers The Flyers and Rangers are set for battle. Credit: Getty Images


So, this Rangers-Flyers series is gonna be something else.


Reason No. 1: As we all are aware, hockey fans are a different breed. You won't hear sing-alongs to "Sweet Caroline" at a hockey game. You won't hear fans complain about $8 Coors Lights at a hockey game ... because most everyone has already smuggled in giant bottles of Jameson. You will hear curse words (and lots of them).


Reason No. 2: This is New York and Philadelphia.


These two reasons combined will make this first round Rangers-Flyers series the best take in sports over the next 10 days or so, as the amount of testosterone at Madison Square Garden and Wells Fargo Center is almost certain to rival that of a 1991 Ultimate Warrior (RIP!) or at least a Sylvester Stallone protein-loading session at a Brazilian steakhouse.


The Flyers social media crew are doing their part to add fuel to a soon-to-be inferno, as they politely asked their fans to de-friend all of their Rangers "friends" on Facebook.

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