Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady pic divorce break up Here is Brady looking on at World Cup action in Brazil on July 13 as Gisele chirps in his ear. Credit: Getty Images

New England Patriots fans know this stat all too well: Tom Brady has never won the Super Bowl while married to Gisele Bundchen ... He won three of them while sacking the likes of Bridget Moynahan and Tara Reid.

Time is running out on Brady's Hall of Fame football career. He has said that he wants to play until he's 40, but the problem is ... he's almost 40!

The reason that Brady hasn't won a Super Bowl since he began seeing the world's most dominant supermodel is up for wide-ranging debate, but there is little doubt that No. 12 doesn't live in the Foxboro, Mass. weight room like he used to from February to September each and every year. While it's easy to imagine Brady lounging on the beach during the offseason, according to Star Magazine, he has more important matters to tend to at home ... like chores. Yes, chores. Time to feed the hog, Tommy!


“They have housekeepers,” a source told Star. “But Gisele won’t let them do anything. She makes Tom get up at 6 a.m. with the children and then has him scrub the toilets and clean the floors while she sleeps in. She thinks that because she gave birth, her work is done.”

Tom Brady. Toilet bowl cleaner? Who does this lady think she is disrespecting Brady like that, Lloyd Carr?

According to Star: In the past, Tom, 36, went along with Gisele’s demands in order to keep the peace, but pals insist he’s finally starting to stand his ground. "She throws an insane tantrum when things don’t go her way,” says the source.

“One time, Tom didn’t do one of the chores on his list, and she berated him — even telling him that he’s a terrible role model for their children. But instead of doing what she wanted, he just took the kids and left the house. Gisele was shocked.

“She rules Tom’s life,” continued the friend to Star. “Nobody would be surprised if he threw in the towel soon.”


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