John Oliver's hilarious "Last Week Tonight" took up the issue of Native Americans and the Washington Redskins' racist name on Sunday night. And, like all sensible people, he came down on the side of bashing owner Daniel Snyder.

You can watch the segment above, and you should because it's comedy at its best. Even before he launches into the sports aspect of the video, his Andrew Jackson joke was literally laugh-out-loud funny.

Snyder has steadfastly refused to change the Redskins name — also claiming it is not racist. Well, one, it is. And two, you look like a fool by not acknowledging it.


A group supporting Native Americans aired a commercial during one of last week's NBA Finals game, triggering the latest round of criticism against Snyder.

"I had no idea you had an ancient, eight decade history at stake here," Oliver joked. "You are clearly a proud people who have suffered greatly. Please accept my apologies, oh Chief Runs Without Moral Compass.

"It's getting increasingly hard to make a good argument for keeping the Washington Redskins' name, if only there were some emotionally affecting way to convey that," Oliver said, before showing his own commercial with fellow indefensible arguments, including "Steven Tyler's still got it" and "If you don't learn to play the recorder, you're f—ed."

You really should be watching "Last Week Tonight" because it's hilarious. You can find all the episodes on YouTube, at least for now.

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