Justin Blackmon Jags receiver Justin Blackmon, right, is in trouble again.
Credit: Getty Images

Justin Blackmon is not minding his P's and Q's while on an NFL-imposed vacation from the league.

The Jaguars receiver was arrested by Edmond, Oklahoma police after an officer pulled over Blackmon for a traffic violation and smelled marijuana in the car. He was taken into custody after police found marijuana inside.

Blackmon was already serving a one-year ban this season for testing positive for marijuana a third time as part of the NFL's substance-abuse program. He had already been suspended for the first four games of 2013 for his second positive test.


The wide receiver was the fifth overall pick out of Oklahoma State for Jacksonville in the 2012 NFL Draft. Blackmon was a known risk coming out of college. He was suspended by his team for one game in 2010 after being arrested for a DUI. He was only 20 years old at the time.

Blackmon caught 29 passes for 429 yards and one touchdown in just four games last season. He had 865 receiving yards and five touchdowns as a rookie.

His college teammate, Dez Bryant, has also faced scrutiny in Dallas for his off-field behavior. He was sued in 2011 over legal fees and arrested in 2012 for striking his mother, although she ended up not pressing charges.

Josh Gordon, a wide receiver for the Browns, is facing a similar situation. He was scheduled to meet with the NFL next week as he faces a one-season ban like Blackmon received. Gordon was arrested earlier this month for a DUI in North Carolina.

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