Ray Rice girlfriend wife Ray Rice and his wife apologized for the incident from February in May. Credit: Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested in February for allegedly punching his wife (then fiancée) in an elevator at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He received a two-game suspension from the NFL for the incident onThursday.


Here is a list of NFL playerswho were suspended by the league for other, seemingly less abhorrent transgressions:


Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles (Suspended four games for usingprescribed medication. Forgot to run the drug by team doctors)

LaVon Brazill, Indianapolis Colts (Suspended a full season for smoking entirely way too much pot. Forgot to run the drug by team doctors, because he was stoned ... and forgot. Was released by the Colts and now doesn't have a job).

Brandon Browner, New England Patriots (Suspended indefinitely while with the Seahawks for smoking pot. He was deemed a repeat offender because he tested positive for marijuana as a rookie in 2005. He then got in trouble for not showing up for NFL drug tests from 2007-10 ... the problem is, he was playing in Canada at the time and was not even in the NFL. The next time Browner so much as looks at the green stuff, he'll be suspended for life).

Will Hill, New York Giants (Suspended six games for using Aderall and smoking pot. His third strike with the league came because he basically got a contact high. Hill claims he didn't inhale but was hanging out with a bunch of dudes sucking on a bong. Second hand smoke caused a tainted pee sample.)

Mike Priefer, Minnesota Vikingsspecialteams coach(Suspended three games by the Vikings for making this homophobic remark: "We should round up all the gays, put them on an island, and nuke it until it glows" ... Yup, that's a brutal quote. But is making an off-color remark worse than hitting a woman?Higher-ups in the NFL seem to think so.)

Here is a full list of players and coaches suspended by the NFL

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