Mallory Edens Isla Fisher 18-year-old Mallory Edens is healthy, wealthy and wise. Credit: Getty Images

It remains to be seen if the star of the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night has staying power. Mallory Edens, the daughter of new Milwaukee Bucks owner/billionaire Wesley Edens, began trending hard in the United States around 8:17 p.m. Tuesday night when she was introduced to the world via ESPN cameras. Apparently, the Internet masses agree that she is an attractive lass.

Many also agreed (me, myself and I) that Mallory had an uncanny resemblance to Wedding Crashers star and wife of Borat, Isla Fisher. Dr. J. agrees:

"No, Mallory. His name is Julius. Not Jeremy."


Mallory Edens Dr. J. Isla Fisher lookalike No, Mallory. His name is Julius, not Jeremy. Credit: Getty Images

Here is the best gallery the Internet offers on Mallory.

And now, Mrs. Borat. Very niiiice!

Isla Fisher Mallory Edens Isla Fisher is no longer the hottest, wealthiest red head on the block. Credit: Getty Images

Here is more of Isla Fisher

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