Tulowizki jersey Troy Tulowitzki has a second "T" contrary to these Tulowizki jerseys.
Credit: Twitter / @_Bwoss

There's no better way to tell a player you don't particularly care if he remains on your team than misspelling his name on a giveaway.

The Rockies, who are reportedly at least exploring a trade for All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, did just that with their free T-shirt promotion on Saturday.


The team handed out 15,000 T-shirts to fans — all with their star player's name spelled "Tulowizki." Oops.

It's not like he's been the best player on the team for eight years or anything.

In fact, the four-time All-Star is currently leading the majors in on-base percentage (.432) and OPS (1.035).

The Rockies have already apologized for the mistake — and presumably pushed some poor marketing intern off a mountain for the mistake — and say fans will be able to replace the jerseys for a correctly spelled one soon.

Of course, it's questionable who will want a Tulowitzki jersey in a couple weeks when it is entirely possible he is no longer on the team.

By the way, in case you didn't think you were in the good ol' capitalistic United States of America, people have already taken to eBay to sell the misspelled shirts. One optimistic seller is listing a misspelled jersey for $99, while another has six bids and is up to $51.

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