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Rihanna wants to buy Liverpool soccer team, would John Henry sell?

Rihanna wants to buy Liverpool soccer team, would John Henry sell?

Rihanna World Cup Rihanna love her futbol. Credit: Getty Images

Billionaire John Henry - the guy who owns the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Globe, Roush Fenway Racing and Liverpool FC - is known to be something of a radical despite his timid voice. This is a guy who put seats on the Green Monster at Fenway Park, after all, and ultimately transformed the dingy, old park into something resembling a baseball-themed section of Disney World (complete with long lines and overpriced food!).

So when news broke Tuesday that pop superstar Rihanna wanted to buy a futbol club, specifically Liverpool, it was immediately assumed that Henry was interested. To a point, of course.

Rihanna's boyfriend business associate Jay-Z famously owned a portion of the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets for a period of time. But Jay-Z has considerably more loot than Rihanna, and remember that Jay-Z owned just a sliver of the NBA team. In other words, as rich and famous as Jay-Z and Rihanna are - they don't have John Henry (or Mikhail Prokhorov) money.

I could easily see Rihanna in the Tom Werner role under Henry's ownership, however. She would certainly bring "in-game entertainment" to a whole, new exciting level:


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