Robert Griffin III statue Robert Griffin III has a brand spanking new statue of him outside Baylor's new stadium.
Credit: Getty Images

Robert Griffin III has yet to fully establish himself in the NFL, but Baylor wasted no time immortalizing the school's only Heisman Trophy winner.

The school opened its brand new McLane Stadium Sunday night and dedicated a statue to the quarterback before the game. It's pretty crazy to be 24 years old and already have a statue of yourself outside a 45,000-seat stadium. Then again, Griffin was a big reason the stadium got built in the first place. I guess it only makes sense to have a statue outside the place.


Babe Ruth had a statue outside Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth Built, after all.

It's a pretty good likeness of Griffin too. I imagine it can't be easy to get the detail right on dreadlocks. Though, if you look at the picture of the statue above, shouldn't he be wearing that helmet? It seems dangerous to be throwing a pass with his helmet just sitting on the ground next to him.

Now Griffin just has to hope they don't build a Kirk Cousins statue — bigger — right next to him. That would be really awkward.

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