There are times when it’s ‘a-okay’ to leave your man card at home with your cat dog.

Anything involving kidney stones, killer bees, airhorns and thunder claps can be forgiven.

Unless you’ve been hit by lightning or nearly hit by lightning (my close encounter came at a graveyard – symbolically enough – in 2004), you can’t fully grasp what kind of psychological damage a close thunder clap can do. The days of hanging out by dump trucks at construction sites are over for you, for sure.

So with mentally wounded thunder clap veterans in mind, only politely laugh (and/or cringe in horror) when watching the above video of the Rangers Futbol Club, a Scottish soccer team, on the practice field. They are only literally seeing their lives flash before their eyes. No big deal.


This is obviously not the first time the lord has “gone bowling” in the sports world. There is this classic clip of the Red Sox and Yankees at Yankee Stadium during a rain delay and the eerie sight of a sunny Arlington, Texas ballpark quickly being evacuated in a Rangers game.

No! That is not pee that my left shoe is submerged in!

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