Eric Stangel Justin Stangel Eric, right, and Justin Stangel want to go to Japan. Please send them there NPB.
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If you don't follow Justin and Eric Stangel on Twitter, you're really missing out.

Eric, especially, is one of the funniest guys on Twitter — and most of his jokes relate to sports. But the two former head writer for "The Late Show with David Letterman" have struck up a unique campaign lately.


They want to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game in Japan. And they want someone to fly them there and pay all of their expenses. It is quite expensive, you know.

The pair started their own website,, recently where they've been making their pitch this week.

"A 2008 Time Magazine story states that the NPB, Japan’s equivalent of MLB, makes approximately $1 billion annually," they write on their site. "Surely some team can afford to fly Eric and Justin to Japan, put us up in a cool hotel for a few days, give us a super cool translator who knows how to have a good time and let us throw out the ceremonial first pitch."

Why exactly are they making this pitch? We have no idea. But they felt like it, and they're running with it.

Eric tweeted this message — in Japanese — Thursday morning.

I don't actually know Japanese, but Google translate says it means "Someone who can to participate in the ceremonial first pitch of your team in Japan, @Justin_Stangel and I'm a member of the baseball team Nippon wonder if anyone? Sir, let's go."

And that totally makes sense.

Anyway, good luck to you guys. But we're expecting big things, considering these recent Japanese first pitches ...

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