Cam Thomas Steelers penis herpes zipper Steelers lineman Cam Thomas is trying to catch his breath after he said he caught his manhood in his jeans. Credit: Getty Images

Ah. The old "my penis is beat up not because I was out running train, but because it got stuck in the zipper" excuse.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is said to have used this classic after his now ex-girlfriend, Adrienne, noticed "bruises and sores" on his manhood in 2010. She is now claiming that Thomas gave her genital herpes, according to TMZ.

Adrienne is suing Thomas for a numbers of charges, including sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to TMZ's report.


Thomas, a beastly 330-pound lineman nose tackle, played for the Chargers from 2010-13 and it was in San Diego that he got "caught," one way or another.

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