Fred Wilpon Jeff Wilpon No, not these boobs — the real thing. Well, with silicone enhancement.
Credit: Getty Images

New Yorkers have long thought Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon were a couple of boobs, but now the Mets will be able to see the real thing if they can just finish over .500.

New York strip club Show Palace is offering the entire team free lap dances if they win at least 82 games.


“As a New York based club, we’re fans of all New York sports teams, but with our roots here in Queens, we had to show our local team some extra love,” said Mike Diaz, manager of Show Palace, in a statement (because yes, strip clubs release statements nowadays). “What better way than with lap dances from our lovely ladies.”

Yes, yes, it's totally a marketing stunt by Show Palace, which is located in Long Island City, Queens. But give some credit to their marketing department, they hit a home run with this one.

The Mets, on the other hand, well they have very little chance of actually hitting the .500 mark.

They are currently 57-64, so they have 41 games left to play. To get to 82-80 they'll have to go 25-16, which is a .609 winning percentage the rest of the way. There isn't a single team playing .609 baseball on the entire season, and the A's are the only team in MLB over .600.

Also, they're the Mets. So good luck with those free lap dances, boys.